Purpose: As a group we wish to perpetuate the "Spirit of the Great Polynesian People." Established in May of 2002, under the direction of Mervyn Lilo and based out of Honolulu, Hawai'i, our goal is to learn and share the customs and cultures of Polynesia through song and dance.

Accomplishments: The group began with the family and a few dedicated friends, and has blossomed into a successful halau/pupu ori. We have been blessed these past years and our hard work has been rewarded and acknowledged, as we have been able to perform here at home and throughout the world.

Commitment, hard work and countless hours of practice have allowed us to compete in Tahitian dance Fete's throughout Hawaii. These include Heiva I Honolulu, Aloha Tower Tahiti Fete, Polynesian Cultural Center Keiki Fete, Tahiti Fete of Hilo, Maui Fete, Kauai Polynesian Festival, Te Vai Ura Nui Fete, and the Manutahi Fete. Participation in competition has instilled confidence, discipline and a great appreciation of culture within our group.

Traveling and performing for the US Military and their families stationed abroad has been an awesome experience for us all. We support the efforts they make to secure our freedom and are thankful to have the opportunity to 'spread the aloha' and 'boost morale' when we travel overseas to perform for them in places like Japan, Singapore, Diego Garcia, Johnston Atoll, Korea, Guam, Okinawa, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, London, and throughout Hawaii.

In addition to traveling, we have performed for countless charities, fundraisers and local services here at home for American Cancer Society's 'Relay for Life', Kapena's 'Mother's Day Celebration', Jamoa Jam's 'Concert for Education', Hope Chapel's 'First Annual Luau', City and County of Honolulu 'King Kamehameha Day' Parade and 'Sunset on the Beach', Polynesian 'Matahiti Festival', school performances for Leilehua High School, Radford High School, Wahiawa Intermediate, Wheeler Middle School, and Kailua High School. Performing for such benefits enable us to build positive relationships and support our community.

Ma'ohi Nui has been featured on OC 16's 'Beyond Paradise with Kim Lehano', Da Braddah's 'Da Braddahs and Friends', TV series 'North shore', TV commercial for American Express credit card, project for Tahitian Noni, exhibition for WWE (Blaisdell Center), movie 'Be Cool' with the Rock, luau show for cast of the movie 'The Run Down', as the house drummers in American Samoa for 'Chief Letuli Fire Knife Competition'.

Performing all over the world has truly been a blessing and we appreciate all of the wonderful opportunities bestowed us. We are grateful for the many people who have supported us in our mission to share the Polynesian Spirit. We look forward to the future and all that lies ahead.

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